This Is Getting Ridiculous

I will proudly cast a vote for Obama on Election Day. If Romney is your choice I encourage you to proudly cast a vote for him on Election Day. That is our right.

If you’re the stupid coward who left this note on a friend’s car in battleground state Virginia today, I encourage you to seek help from a mental health professional. If I caught someone leaving a note like this on my car they would not be able to vote on Election Day because they’d still be in the hospital Tuesday.

I am an American, a patriot and a veteran and believe Obama is the right person for the job of President. I also believe people have the right to disagree – half do and half don’t, according to the latest polls. But I think it takes a very unpatriotic coward to leave a note like this. That person probably wouldn’t have the courage to face me with a comment like that. He or she certainly has the right to believe that but I challenge their right to imply there is something wrong with my patriotism if I choose to vote for Obama.

I have read some of the most amazing bullshit on Facebook during this election season. Tonight I read something really ridiculous on my own sister’s page. It was all I could to not fire back a sarcastic reply. But she has the right to her opinion and the link she shared did not insult anyone; it just spread more bullshit.

The bottom line … and I’ll try to take my own advice on this … shut up and vote.