I admire and respect people who seem to have complete control of their lives, the ones who seem to always do things their way, play by their own rules, chart their own path. 'Seem' is the key word in that observation. Those people probably do exert a greater amount of control than most of us, though, and we can learn from them and adopt some of their methods.

My job is primarily one of reaction. Although I report to one person, in reality I have to please four or five different people with every piece of audio I write and produce. Some of those people are executives in my company, some are clients and ultimately every element I create should engage listeners of the radio stations where these things play.

So I am pulled in many competing directions several times a day and I subject myself to this torture willingly because it is usually fun and they pay me well.

Basically what all that means is that I only have partial control of what I do every day. That is normal for most people but it is a challenge for a control-freak like me.

On the personal side, I have alluded to a personal issue that keeps dragging on. Lawyers with varying and sometimes incompatible communication styles are involved and nothing is happening on my timetable. The resolution to the next hurdle should be simple but it isn't and my entire life is being guided by things I can't control. This makes me CRAZY!!!

There are some things I can control, like what I eat, which music I listen to in my car, what I photograph … what I post on this blog. I live for those little things I can control because there is so much in my life that is out of control right now.

I seem to be someone who has charted my own path in life, and in many ways that is an accurate assessment. At this exact moment in time, however, the ink on the chart is running. My control will return but I am getting tired of waiting.