Birthdays, Women and other things

So today is my birthday.  Started my day with emails from my sister and one of my best friends and a text from another of my best friends.  Then I got greetings from two of my radio stations (because they send birthday emails to everybody who notes a birthday when signing up to get their other emails).  Got two birthday emails from managers at work, including the very top guy in the local office.  And seven co-workers sang happy birthday to me at a meeting and gave me an ice cream cake. At last count, 82 of my Facebook friends posted birthday wishes, which is a record for me.

Definitely feeling the love. 

Also feeling an awkward indicator of the opposite, further proving I do not understand women like I thought I did.  In the middle of seeing all those awesome greetings from FB friends, I realized I had been ‘unfriended’ by someone who actually is/was a friend before we ever connected on Facebook.  She is one of my ‘concert buddies’, someone I’ve know for 13 years and who I went to the occasional concert with.  Now that I’m on my own I invited her to something and suggested this time it could be a ‘date’.  She made it very clear that we would NOT be dating.  I made it very clear that I understood and I was OK with that and hopefully we would still go to the occasional concert like we had done a few times in the past two years.  All of this communication was via FB message and she did not reply to my last two.  Now she drops me from FB.  Geez.  I could go all ‘Dr Phil’ here and analyze her behavior but I think I’ll just ignore it.  It is too ridiculous to spend any time contemplating, beyond writing about it here.  Her company does business with mine so I know we’ll cross paths again; that could be interestingly awkward.  Good thing we never did anything resembling dating; I hate this kind of drama.

It was warm here today, in the mid 60s (Fahrenheit), and almost tropical in a way that reminded me of my hometown New Orleans.  Of course NOLA is everywhere this week because of the Super Bowl, so the reminders are in my face.  I kind of like that.  Now it’s raining like hell and we’re under all kinds of storm watches and flood warnings.  On Monday we had ice, Friday we might have snow.  It’s a weather roller coaster here.

What else?  Well, I’m having cataract surgery on the other eye soon.  I’m a little young for this but eye disease runs in the family.  Last year’s surgery was very successful (20/20 in that eye) but I can’t even read the “E” at the top of the chart in the remaining bad eye.  But I still was able to renew my driver’s license and the only restriction is that I have to have side mirrors on both sides of the car.  What?!  I’ve never had a car that didn’t.  After the surgery I will probably have 20/20 vision in that eye too so it’s no problem, but if I can still get renewed I wonder how bad the vision is for some other drivers.  Be careful when you drive in Maryland.

Nobody asked my age today.  I’m happy about that because I wouldn’t say the number anyway, but I had my answer ready.  “How old am I?  A day older than I was yesterday.”  Corny, I know.

OK, that’s all for tonight.  Thanks for visiting.