New Life Randomness

I’m enjoying my new life on my own. Still a big adjustment but I am up for the challenge and even more for the rewards.

Met my new top boss today. He made a good first impression; hope I did too.

There is a Whole Foods in my new neighborhood and I went there for the first time tonight on the way home from work. Didn’t like the crowds but I do like the interesting product mix.

First ‘normal’ traffic day since I moved. My former commute was a minimum of 50 minutes; usually 70 to 90 minutes in drive time. Today: commute to work was 27 minutes including a Starbucks stop. Ride home was 24 minutes (plus the Whole Foods stop).

Hung some pictures yesterday. Nothing like a well-hung picture.

Started a new photo blog related to my new town. I’ll tell you more later.

I upgraded my cable television service to the next level and said yes to the HBO special. I now have access to more channels than I can possibly watch, many in HD. Discovered that there are six or seven HBOs not just one – and that’s just the English versions.

The county I now live in is a true melting pot (or salad bowl) of cultures. And the specific city even more so. I embrace the personal educational opportunities of this much diversity but I also recognize the potential difficulties relating to language differences.

Well that’s all for tonight. I have more boxes to unpack. And more pictures to hang.