Assorted Goofy Observations

I am really loving my improved vision.  It’s a miracle.

The computer I’m writing on right now is more than five years old.  That’s ancient for computers.  I can get a new one with better specs for half the price I paid for this one.  That’s crazy.

The Daytona 500 is this Sunday.  Seeing that race in person one day is on my bucket list.

I don’t really have a preferred physical ‘type’ of woman I am attracted to.  Although I notice mid sized red heads and brunettes the most, I’ve been involved with all shapes, sizes and colors of females as friends, lovers or some combination.  But today I interviewed a woman of Indian heritage (India Indian not Native American Indian) and it was hard to concentrate on the interview because she was so beautiful. And she reminded me of another beautiful female acquaintance who is also of Indian heritage.  Pattern or coincidence?

My DVR (digital video recorder) enables me to pause or rewind live TV.  That is so weird.

I am re-reading “The Writing Life” by Annie Dillard.  That is a very interesting book if you are an aspiring writer.  Apparently writers are a quirky class of people.  The quirkier they are more likely they are to write a book.  I am probably only quirky enough to write a collection of essays.  I am somewhat passionate about writing but not enough to attempt to make a living at it.

I wrote this whole post in my head as I was leaving work tonight, but the only part that stuck in my head from my desk to the elevator to my car was the paragraph about the beautiful Indian heritage doctor I interviewed.  I didn’t and don’t remember what else I was going to write tonight.  So I guess this is all.  Thanks for visiting.