Weird and Random Observations

I have to use three different kinds of eye drops four times a day each as part of post-cataract surgery.  Sometimes my reflexes cause my eye to close right as the drop gets there.  Sometimes I miss entirely.  I hope I’m doing it correctly.

I am meeting friends for drinks in my new neighborhood tonight, my first social venture since moving here in December.  I wonder if that woman I met at the grocery a few weeks ago hangs out where I am going.  Hmmm.

A broken clock keeps perfect time twice a day.

It’s sunny and 37 where I am right now and there is no snow on the ground.  A few hours north of here it is colder and two to three feet of snow is on the ground.

I can’t lean over or do anything strenuous for another week … doctor’s orders.  That means I can’t really finish emptying the messy mountain of moving boxes stacked right behind where I am sitting right now.  Fortunately the rest of the apartment is clean and straightened out.

Just what is humus?

There is potentially a half-week of OBX beach time in my future, specifically in early May so I can get a jump start on summer.  I’ll probably be there alone, sadly.

Cool line in a current hit country song: “Don’t back up, don’t back down.”  That speaks volumes to me.