Odds and Ends and Middles

A co-worker had a colonoscopy last week and two of my closest friends had colonoscopies this week.  And isn’t it a full moon this week?  Odd.  Everyone is OK, by the way.

I woke up to a breaking news story about a landslide in Whidbey Island WA.  A cousin has a place there.  I emailed, she emailed back a little later … fortunately their place wasn’t affected.

Facebook was the home of uninformed, extreme candidate bashing during the election.  Now it’s the home of uninformed, extreme bashing of those who won, especially the President, and many issues, especially gun control and gay marriage.  This topic will be its own blog post here soon, but for now let me just say this … don’t use extreme right or extreme left websites as a source.  And for God’s sake, don’t use Fox notreallyNews Network!  Or Rush, who is celebrating 25 years of bullshit this month.

Great line in a song from back in the day: “Oh we’re never gonna survive unless … we get a little crazy.”

Back to Fox for a minute … I surprisingly stumbled onto something I actually agreed with the other day as I surfed past and briefly landed on that horrible channel.  It was a discussion about a school in the South that stopped using the word Easter in reference to the Easter Bunny.  WTF?!!  Freedom of religion does not mean ignore religion, it means be inclusive of many religions.  And honestly, Easter is another one of those celebrations that is both religious and secular, simultaneously.  The bunny has nothing to do with the Guy who rose from the dead.  We can call it the Easter Bunny without infringing on anybody’s rights.  Chag Sameach.  Shalom.