Guns and Politics

Some random thoughts about the cowardly Senate vote on gun regulation amendments today:

Reliable surveys say that 90% of Americans support expanded background checks to purchase guns.  Forty-six percent of the Senate voted that amendment down.  Something is gravely wrong with that.

National Rifle Association statements claiming that the bill would create a national gun registry are FUCKING LIES!  The bill specifically prohibits such a registry.  I read the fucking bill tonight … it states in at least two different sentences that a gun registry is prohibited.

If I was a gun enthusiast, I would form an organization that actually represents the interests of responsible gun owners.  The NRA is NOT such an organization.

Back to background checks … I need a background check to get a mortgage, I need a background check to get a credit card, but I don’t need one to buy a gun?  I once had to show an ID to buy NyQuil.  Hell, the background check that was required for me to get a job as a DJ for a federal government-run radio network back in the 1990s was a bigger invasion of my privacy rights than any background check needed to buy a gun.

One right-wing future Presidential candidate today called the New Town shooting victim families who came to DC to show support for responsible gun legislation “props” for the President.  I dare that asshole to say that to their faces.  Fucking coward.

Gun ownership is a right.  Responsible regulations relating to gun ownership is a responsibility.  Some amount of sensible gun control does not interfere with the right to own guns. 

Background checks and other proposed gun regulation legislation will not stop some of the mass murder massacres we’ve seen over the past twenty years.  It WILL save some lives!

Yes, some criminals will get guns regardless of any laws.  But shouldn’t we make it harder for that to happen?

“This is a pretty shameful day for Washington.”  - The President