I’m Pissed

So we have the “God-given right” to bear arms, so that we can violate the “God-given Commandment: Thou shalt not kill.”  Doesn’t anyone see the irony there?

Gun control does NOT mean gun elimination. 

How can somebody hold a bible in one hand and a gun in the other and tell me there isn’t an ideological conflict there?    

How can so many ultra conservative Republicans quote or imply the Bible is the source for their belief that it is wrong for a man to fuck a man or a woman to fuck a woman, yet in the same breath say it is OK to use a high-capacity magazine automatic rifle to kill a burglar who breaks into your house to steal your TV?

The NRA does NOT represent a majority of Americans.  Most Americans do NOT own guns and do not want to own guns.  The sudden increase in gun sales does not come from people arming themselves, it comes from existing gun-owners buying more guns.

As a proud, patriotic American I support your right to bear arms.  And I support my right to kick your ass out of my house if you ever dare to bring a firearm into my house.

I have fired more powerful weapons than most people who read this blog.  I understand the thrill and skill involved in hitting a target … a printed target, not a live target.  I will never own a gun.  I will never allow a gun in my residence or my vehicle, unless it is carried by a uniformed law enforcement official with some legitimate reason to be carrying that gun into my house or car.

OK, so you want a simplistic solution to the whole gun violence issue?  Here it is … make ALL guns illegal.  Outlaw all of them.  If you have a gun you go to jail.  No guns = no gun violence.  Hey, that idea is not any more ridiculous than the idea that arming the entire population will solve the gun violence problem.

In your entire life, have you ever been robbed at gunpoint?  Shot at? 

For every news story you show me that claims having a gun saved a life I can show you one that shows a gun killed an innocent person.

Are you tired of reading my rant about guns?  I am tired of reading yours too. 

So let’s all stop, OK?