Just Some Stuff

This has been an odd week.  We had an all-afternoon clean-the-clutter day at work on Tuesday.  I spent all afternoon cleaning out the office that used to be mine, the one I moved out of 3 years ago.  Have barely started on my current one.

There is a fine line between packrat and hoarder.

I work miracles at work. Not bragging.  I got stuck with a last-minute project that involved cleaning up some impossibly distorted audio and making something usable out of it ,,, something that will play on 105 radio stations one day next week.  Instead of asking the original source of the problem to redo their part, they asked me to fix it.  I did.  The problem with working miracles is they keep expecting more of them.  My luck will run out.  I’m good but I’m not that good.

I’m coming down with a cold or something.  Coughing, feverish, run down. Might be all that dust and dirt I stirred up cleaning up the clutter.  NyQuil is next, right after I publish this.

I better not be sick more than tonight.  I’m having dinner with an old friend in Baltimore Saturday.  A very nice female friend who I meet for dinner/drinks a few times a year.  We rescheduled our last dinner from last month to this week.  We both have impossible schedules.  I do not want to be sick Saturday.  I cherish what little social life I have.

Funny how I thought I’d have a very active social life being on my own again.  Delusional.  It’ll appen one day, but not any time soon.  What was I thinking?

Comcast sucks.  Their products are just fine and I am happy with all my HD channels, etc., but now they’re telling me they undercharged me at my last address.  I am still paying for their service at my last address because my ex was told it would cost twice as much for the same service to change it into her name.  Now I know why.  And they said we’d both have to bring the cable boxes back to some location just to have it changed to her name.  That’s bullshit.

Comcast sucks, part two.  They misspelled my name at my new location but didn’t want to change it because it would mess up their computers and it might look like I cancelled and I wouldn’t get my channels blah blah blah.  My last name has a complicated spelling, but not nearly as complicated as the “English as a second language” service rep who took my order.  When I do radio interviews with guests who have Indian or Nigerian names, I go out of my way to say their names correctly.  Why can’t a Comcast rep do that with my Italian name?

OK, it’s late.  Time for NyQuil.  Nighty night.