Random Saturday Morning Thoughts

Saturday morning television is an interesting mix of old and new.  As a kid I watched cartoons and westerns early on Saturday mornings.  In my 20s I watched the Smurfs.  Wow, did I really just admit that?  While surfing hundreds of channels this morning I found cartoons, westerns and Smurfs and stopped at each for a minute or two.  Then I spent more time with the VH-1 Video Countdown and the Smithsonian Channel.  Random.

Still feeling peaceful and somewhat settled, as noted in my Tuesday post.  My weekend plans are a combination of chores, exercise and socializing.  Later today I’m meeting neighbor friends at a local wine place with outdoor seating; it’s supposed to be warm enough for that this afternoon.  Right now (10 AM) I’m drinking coffee, doing house chores and writing this post.  Tomorrow morning I plan to take a nice power walk through the neighborhood, then late tomorrow afternoon I’m meeting an old work friend for drinks and dinner.

I’m excited about the possibility that two of my closest out-of-town friends might visit me this summer to sample some of my new life.  They have each been instrumental in supporting my self-discovery journey.  Plans are not solid for either visit yet, but my optimism and persuasiveness should go a long way in making those visits happen.  I will ‘will it’, to quote one of them.

Part of my apartment looks like a small library.  I have been an avid reader since childhood and have always collected books.  The odd part is that I have not read most of the books I currently own.  In fact I don’t even remember buying many of the books that I’ve unpacked from my move.  Some of them are about to be donated to a book sale.

One of my recent literary discoveries is a book about cleaning up the clutter.  Wow, I didn’t know I had such a book but it is just the right one to be reading right now.  I realized I already use some of the author’s strategies, so maybe I read this book once.  Now I am going to employ some more of the suggestions.

Now that some of my personal crap is settled I am starting to think about my career future again.  I’m at the top of my game and have a dream job, but I do not have a very good backup plan if this job ever goes away.  I know exactly what I would do on the first day of unemployment, but beyond that … I don’t know.  

It is unlikely that I could replace my current income with just one job; and most people who do what I do are twenty years younger than I am.  Time to make a plan.  Every job I’ve had in my entire life started with good networking, so that’s where I need to begin.  Hopefully the mere act of being prepared will lead to not needing to look for work.

What’s that annoying buzzing coming from the other room?  Oh yeah, it’s the clothes dryer.  Time to start another load of laundry and drink another cup of coffee. 

Have a great Saturday.  Thanks for dropping by.