Day In the Rain Observations

Today was my radio station’s annual music festival at a local outdoor venue.  The reserved seats are under cover but the lawn seating area and the concession area that rings the venue is out in the open.  We do have a catering tent for our staff and I did spend some time in there between showers.

Some randomness:

- The event is in May or early June every year, which means there is always a chance for rain.  We often get downpours, then the sky clears and there rest of the afternoon and night are great.  The last two years saw almost no rain.  We got rain today; no downpours but definitely periods of steady rain.

- The waterproof rain jacket I wore is no longer waterproof, which shouldn’t be a surprise because I bought it in 1999.  It was definitely waterproof then because I wore it in driving rain on a beach in North Carolina the day after I bought it as I was preparing to evacuate the approaching Hurricane Floyd.  Now it is water resistant.

- I know you can get a sunburn even if it’s cloudy but I just didn’t think about reapplying sun screen.  Where am I red?  Not my winter white legs, not my arms, not my nose, not my face … my ears are sunburned.  Didn’t see that coming.

- Spent some time talking with co-workers I rarely see at work.  And everyone looks different in concert casual attire than work clothes; sometimes that’s good, sometimes not so much.

- I’ll be back at this venue in two weeks to see Tim McGraw with one of my closest friends and again in July to see the Dave Matthews Band with another of my closest friends.  Rain or shine.

- Today, however, I saw no music.  My main job at this festival each year is to record short interviews with the fans for later use on the air.  Normally I do stay and see the music too but I am way too busy this week and weekend, so I left when the main acts started.

- This is a good venue once you get past the traffic jams and the iffy weather and the overprice concessions.  All sarcasm aside, it is a good venue.  Sound is usually good, seats are comfortable.  If I ever get rich I’ll buy VIP seating because that comes with table service.  Ahhh, to be rich.

OK, enough for now.