Laughing At Myself

I might be the last person I know to admit how obsessive I am about things.  I finally recognized it a few years ago but it still catches me off guard sometimes.  And even though I think I hide it, apparently I do not, because my boss mentioned it today (in a friendly way, not as criticism).

So, this week’s obsessiveness and the mostly good results:

First, the leg thing I mentioned in my last two posts.  In my head I had already figured out a Plan A and a Plan B for scheduling the possible surgery and I imagined how I would handle the daily parts of my life while on crutches for a few months of recovery.  The diagnosis by the orthopaedic surgeon after x-rays and some conversation and inspection … I experienced a minor flare up likely caused by the inevitable rubbing of the metal pin in my leg against bone or muscle.  No need to remove the pin; in fact, it’s harder to do that now than it was twenty years ago and maybe riskier.  See him again if it happens a lot but meanwhile nothing is wrong.  By the way, it has generally felt fine for most of the days since the one day of sharp pain.

On to my computer decision stress.  I had another chat (my 4th or 5th) with my work IT guy.  We talked through what I really want and the pros and cons of some potential choices and prices.  An hour later he emailed me a link to a discount mailing list he’s on … a major discount on the exact thing I was looking for had just popped up and it was available on Amazon, where I regularly buy other things.  A few minutes later I had ordered it.  Dude, I’m getting a Dell!  This laptop has more power and more features than the desk top I bought five years ago and it cost a third as much as the desk top did.  Wow!  And no more obsessiveness and no dealing with a clueless sales monkey at Best Buy (some staffers there do know what they’re talking about but I usually find the ones who don’t).  This time next week I’ll be writing these posts on my new laptop.

My summer.  One of two my anticipated visiting friends has book flights.  The other one has a plan but I’ll have to wait for details to be nailed down.  I think the only obsessiveness I had about planning for either is that I want to be a fun and flexible tour guide and I definitely over think the details.  But the closer I get to their scheduled visits, the more relaxed I get and the more I remember that these are two of my closest friends and at least part of their motivation for visiting me is, well me.  And hanging out is part of the plan for each.  I have a new neighborhood to show off, tickets to concerts for each and there are always plenty of tourist things to do around here.  What the hell was I worried about?  And my guest room is almost ready, which was really the only big detail left.

So I guess the only thing left to really laugh at this week is how funny I’ll look when trying out my Hip Hop Abs DVDs when they arrive.  No, there will not be any videos of that.  Don’t even ask.