Random Thoughts on a Saturday Night

One of my best ‘finds’ on the cable TV channel lineup at my new place is Palladia.  It’s all live music.  Right now I’m watching Sade in concert; I’ve always wanted to see her but never have.  Last night I saw selected replays of the Hang Out Music Festival in Gulf shores, Alabama last year.  Saw three songs by the Dave Matthews Band; can’t wait to see them here this summer, hopefully with the friend who first got me very interested in them. 

You’re not going to believe this … I ordered Hip Hop Abs today.  Stop laughing.  My abs are all flab right now, despite an intentional ten pound weight loss over the past few months and a return to the gym two to three times a week.  This dvd series looks like fun and the price was pretty low.  I’ll let you know in three to five business days if it’s worth it.

I am so busy during the week that sometimes I get very lazy on Saturdays.  I had great plans to clean my place today and go see a blues band tonight.  I did do laundry, start cleaning the bathroom and took a nice walk.  Also took three naps.  Didn’t go to see the band.

Nothing new on the new leg issue I mentioned in my last post.  It hurt a little this morning but felt better this afternoon, hurt a little after my walk but felt batter an hour later.  I really don’t have time for medical issues right now.  I have a very busy schedule from now till the end of July and I do NOT want to have any medical issues interrupting things.  Summoning up all the positive energy I can find.  If I have to have some kind of new surgery on my leg it’ll have to wait till August.  I should have a better idea of what’s wrong after another doctor visit Monday.

My desktop computer keeps crashing or glitching, so I’m using a work laptop right now.  I’ve been shopping for a new computer but haven’t found the right combination of price and features yet.  When I dug deeper into the specifications of one my IT guy at work suggested I realized it didn’t have an ‘optical drive’.  In other words, no CD or DVD player built in.  I realize software and music are largely download things now but I still want the ‘optical drive’.  I still make music CDs for personal use in my car and I still have many CDs that I want to eventually put on my iPod.  And as convenient as laptops are, I still prefer larger monitors and better keyboards that those that are usually built into affordable laptops, which means I need more USB connections and other features; that means I might need something a bit more expensive than what I’ve been looking at.  Why is this so damn confusing?

My attempt at having some kind of friendship with my ex is a crazier ride than the scariest roller coaster at the biggest theme park.  After two weeks of no communication I get a text in which she whines about two or three things she used to always whine about and concluded her rant with the words “my life sucks.”  I’m proud to say I didn’t get sucked into the discussion.  I waited two days before texting back a question which would indicate my willingness to help a little with one of the things she mentioned.  She answered with news that the problem she was whining about was resolved.  Today I got an email from her asking a basic questions about something followed by a fairly cool story about some nature things we used to joke about.  Up down up down.  At this point all I want is up.  I have no expectation that we can have any kind of friendship.  If it happens, great.  If not, no problem.  It is incredibly significant that I have reached the point that I don’t get sucked back into the conflicts.

It almost feels like spring here this week.  Highs in the upper 60s, lows in the 40s.  I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt and sandals for my walk today.  A little chilly for that but it worked.  Soaking in the vitamin D sunshine, trying to get a shade darker before my summer work-related outdoor concert season begins in two weeks.

OK, that’s enough randomness for tonight.  Time for one more glass of wine.  Cheers.