Stuff Coming

I've got stuff on my mind, things I want to say, observations I want to make but I'm busy this week.  Actually that is one of my observations ... I am BUSY this week, so busy that I feel like I'm drowning in the murky liquid of stuff!  I love my life but sometimes it gets crazy.  Fortunately I have some skills that enable me to straighten things out.  One of them is the ability to take a deep breath, look around, soak in the positives in my life and regroup.  When I take those steps, I return to my usual positive self and things get better.  I realize I've accomplished personal and professional goals, I have music adventures in my near future, I have a paid-for 3-day trip to New York next week (for business but it's fun business), and two dear friends are visiting me soon.  OK, that's all for this morning.  More stuff coming soon.  Have a great day and thanks for visiting.