A Day in the Life

OK, here are a bunch of quick random things in my world from the past couple of days.

I had my 3 month follow up eye doc appointment today.  Still 20/20 in both eyes, from a distance of about three feet out.  No need for fancy glasses any more.  Just drug store readers; I already have 3 or 4 pairs of those.
Also went to the dentist this morning.  Teeth are fine, thank you.  And now they are white again, until a few more days of my daily coffee habit and nightly red wine habit.

A very cool friend of mine is visiting soon.  Can’t wait to play tour guide again.
Another very cool friend of mine is posting way too much BS on her Facebook, especially considering how smart and thoughtful she usually is.  Just sayin’.  Wouldn’t it be more effective to back off the unsubstantiated commentary and spend that time campaigning to elect new people in Congress?

This month is the one year anniversary of my last car payment.  Feels good but my car now has 146,000 miles on it and I’m itching for something newer.  Damn dependable car! Hahaha
I should have gone to the gym tonight.

There are a couple of interesting music performances coming up in my area in the next few weeks.  I really want to see these two bands but the venues are not all that convenient and both are general admission stand up all night places.  Still thinking about it.
OK, phone is charged.  Time for bed.  Thanks for visiting.