Action Packed Week

This morning I was just thinking about the ‘tourist attractions’ I visited or slowly walked by during my week-long tour guide adventure.  Let’s see if I can list them all.

DC – went in: Capitol Building, Union Station, Botanic Garden, Smithsonian Natural History Museum (dinosaurs, Hope Diamond), Smithsonian American History Museum (the actual flag that inspired the Star Spangled Banner), Lincoln Memorial, World War II Memorial, FDR Memorial, Viet Nam Memorial, MLK Memorial, Arlington Cemetery, Thomas Jefferson Memorial,
DC – walked by: White House, Library of Congress, Supreme Court, Holocaust Museum, Bureau of Engraving (where they print paper money), Washington Monument, numerous famous government buildings (IRS, DOJ, EPA, USDA, etc.)

Baltimore – Ft McHenry (where the Star Spangled Banner flew), the Inner Harbor (downtown historic and touristy location).  Drove past the stadiums where the Orioles and the Ravens play.  Skipped the Poe grave because we were advised it is not a safe neighborhood.
Considered but didn’t do this time - Pentagon, Gettysburg, Masonic Temple (from Dan Brown’s ‘Lost Symbols’), Smithsonian art museums, Annapolis, renting paddle boats in Tidal Basin or Inner Harbor.

There is sooooo much to do here.  The above listings are merely the attractions with historic or cultural significance.  We also sampled restaurants and bars with outdoor seating in my neighborhood because the weather was so good.  There are similar establishments in DC and surrounding suburbs.  We did have an outdoor meal at the Inner Harbor.  And we saw a Tim McGraw concert at an outdoor venue.
My next touring adventure comes in July.  The itinerary may include some of the same places but that visit is shorter.  A Dave Mathews concert is at the heart of that one.  Zip lining and a segue tour are also possibilities, but I suspect they may be traded for outdoor eating and drinking.  I know my visitors well.

As I said in previous posts, I love showing people around the Nation’s Capitol.  I have worked in entertainment media most of my life, but my original career plan (and backup career) was hospitality and tourism.  Growing up in New Orleans provided great exposure to that line of work.  I did take a year-long detour from my media career a long time ago and spent part of that year as marketing director and band booker for a hotel and its bar.  Maybe when I retire in twenty years I’ll be a tour guide or docent.  Meanwhile I’ll show friends around.