Another "Typical" Day

There is almost nothing ordinary about this week in Bernieville.  Here are a three examples

Yesterday Jennifer Lopez walked past my desk at work.  Yes THAT Jennifer Lopez.  She was visiting one of my radio stations and their studios are fifty feet from my desk.  She is hotter and taller than I thought.

During the first of two waves of storms that rolled through my world today, lightning struck a generator next to a restaurant just a few blocks south of my office building.  A co-worker actually got a picture of it.  A few minutes later the building power went off for a couple of minutes, although the generators kicked in almost immediately.  Creepy.

This afternoon we all got tornado warnings for the county where my office is.  Our town was directly in the projected path of a sighted tornado.  AND it actually passed within a mile or two of the building.  This picture is looking north from the 6th floor.  That thing in the middle IS a tornado; not a very well-defined one, but it is one and we could see the rotation.  I have always wanted to see one, from a distance.

So, how was your week?

Any time I complain about my life being boring, remind me of this week.