Failure Success

There is a persistent and largely accurate belief in life coach circles that says a person must fail to really learn. If that's true then I must be very smart. I've been fired from half the jobs I've had. I've made mistakes big and small. I've failed at many attempts professionally and personally.

The positive side is that I have recovered and learned from those failures. I also now know how to monitor myself in a way that warns me when I am in over my head. The warning sirens have sounded in my head several times this month. Ouch!

I have also learned what to do when I get close to my limit and I am at that point right now. I do not believe I am in any danger of blowing up or losing my job. I am not really in over my head either. But there are times when I am temporarily overwhelmed by the quantity of what is involved with my job.

One step toward turning the situation around is to step back for a minute, change thought patterns, take a walk, anything to shake things up a bit. So I am writing part of this post on my iPhone. Right after I finish this paragraph I will return to my desktop computer and move on to the next project.

Success driven by memories of past failures! I guess the life coaches are right.