Full Moon, Super Moon and Lunatics

You know what PMS is, right?  I sometimes use a similar acronym … PFMS.  Pre Full Moon Syndrome.  The behaviors are related.
A full moon often brings out the worst in people and it seems like the bad behavior begins a couple of days before a full moon.  I expected the recent super moon to result in even more lunatic behavior (an aside: I love word derivations, such as lunatic, from luna, which is Latin for moon and refers to someone affected by phases of the moon).  The pre Super Moon should have even led to more craziness.  The irony for me is that today, several days after the full super moon, began and ended with widespread lunatic behavior.
I’ll skip most of the details.  Let me just say that drivers were crazy during my morning commute, combined with my uncanny ability to get behind the slowest vehicle on virtually every road I travelled on during my 22-minute ride to work, which today took 35 minutes. My first hour at work was equally nuts.  Things calmed down through most of the day, but it ended with more lunacy.
So now I am sitting on my patio, sipping some tasty zin, composing this post on my laptop computer.  I had planned to stop at the gym for a much-needed workout on the way home, but it was just too late.
I don’t really know if moon cycles affect human behavior, but my own observations lead me to believe there is at least a little correlation.  I regularly sense the impending full moon without checking any web sites for dates and times.  When things begin to get a little crazy, I often blame the full moon.  One part of me thinks it is crazy that the moon can cause anything but another part of me embraces astrology, so I guess I’m either indecisive or a lunatic.
I’m rambling now, so I think it’s time to post this and pour another glass of wine.  I’ll resist the urge to “moon” you.