Random People-watching at the Neighborhood Tiki Bar

A diner in my new neighborhood has a tiki bar set up outside on Friday and Saturday evenings and a band plays on the plaza next to the bar.  It is a great gathering of the diverse array of residents.  Here are some random observations from last Saturday.

- The cover band must really love the Beatles because five of the eight songs I heard were Beatles songs.
- A man from Ghana played a percussion set of three songs during the band’s break.

- There were plenty of kids dancing around; most appeared to be between three and eight years old.  Some of their parents were dancing too.  Can you really dance to Beatles songs?
- There were several women who appeared to be in their 80s sitting on a bench nearby … except for the one who was dancing.  I bet she never heard those songs before but that didn’t stop her.  I also would bet these ladies all live in the senior apartments two block from this bar.

- I’ve said before that this is a multi-generational and multi-cultural neighborhood and there is plenty of evidence at the weekly tiki bar.  On this night … three Asian families, a young black man chatting up two young Asian women, a blond in daisy dukes shorts (I don’t think she’s really blond), a couple speaking Spanish, two white couples in my baby boomer age range.
- One of the bar tenders was trying to make small talk with the blond in the shorts.  He looks good and he knows it.  She didn’t care.  I almost laughed out loud when I saw her reaction to him.

- The cool crisp sunset air mixed with the smell of draft beer and the fragrance of the Five Guys Burgers place across the plaza.
This would have been a great opportunity to start up a conversation with some of the people at or near the bar but that night I had more fun just watching.