In Between This and That

I’m busy and lazy at the same time tonight.  Had a pretty good workout at the gym followed by a healthy meal and now I’m settling in for the night.  I want to write but my brain got a serious workout today too (ten hours at work, most of it filled with brain-challenging stuff) so I don’t have much thinking power left.

So here is just a little of this and a little of that.

The second of my two awesome friend visitations is happening this week.  A cool friend from North Carolina will spend a few days hanging out in my new life.  She is a major Dave Matthews fan, so that concert this weekend is on the agenda.  She will also sample my new guest room futon and let me know if it was worth getting.

I began my plan to become a regular at a neighborhood wine and beer bar.  I’ve been there just enough times now that some of the staff knows I’ve been there before and soon they might remember my name.  I remember all of their names, partly because I’m keeping a list on my iPhone.  Stop laughing.

I just discovered there is a word for taking pictures of yourself with a smart phone.  Selfie.  So here’s a selfie from my neighborhood walk Saturday.  I wonder how long it will take for that word to be added to the dictionary.

My favorite curse word this week is micro-managing.  I realize that’s not usually a curse word but in the context of my day today it has become one.

So I’ve been hanging out with a somewhat new female friend.  By ‘been hanging out with’ I mean we have socialized twice.  Is that dating?  No.  It does have some of the same characteristics, such as going out for dinner, drinks, music, a movie and having long ‘get to know you’ conversations, which in this case are ‘get to know you better’ chats because she used to work where I work and we’ve known each other for several years.  I just didn’t know till we happened to be at the same event at the same time a few weeks ago that she is single.  But it does not have some typical dating characteristics like hand-holding, good night kissing, etc.  Her kids will be back from a summer with Dad soon, which means she’ll be pretty busy.  Not sure if I’ll be hanging out with them or not.  We’ll see.  Don’t read anything into this; just two friends hanging out.

I have more cleaning to do in the apartment before Friday but I just don’t feel like doing anything tonight.

My gym workout was good but sometimes there are ‘jocks’ dominating the weight machines, even though this particular place discourages that.  But the machines area can’t be seen from the front desk and the front desk staff spends most of their time either hanging out with each other or trying to sell new memberships.

I want a new car.  The one I have has a lot of miles and it’s now eight years old.  And absolutely nothing is wrong with it.  And I’ve had no car payments for a year.  I’d be crazy to buy another ride right now.  But I want an SUV again.  Must wait another year.  Must wait another year.  Must wait another year.

OK, that’s enough for this random rambling post.  Thanks for visiting.