Mostly Sunny with Scattered Clouds

I am a lucky man.  I have great friends, two in particular, both good-looking women; both visited me this summer.  Visiting, of course, implies that they don’t live where I live, which is the case.  One visit happened last month, the other ended this morning.

So right now I am happy and a little blue at the same time.  I’ve got a nice emotional buzz going as I replay details of the most recent visit.  We shared many things that mean something to me … music, people, unique adventures, conversation, laughter, wine.

Visits always end, however.  It’s a ‘seeya later’ end, not a ‘goodbye’ end, but it is still the end of a few days of good times and that always leave me a little sad.  That is probably a normal reaction.  I know it will happen in advance but it still surprises me a little when I feel it. 

These two women are two of my closest friends.  I’ve known one for most of my life and the other for four years.  Neither is a girlfriend and it is unlikely that either ever will be in the future, but I have strong feelings for both.  Each has played a large role in my self-discovery journey and this summer I was able to share the results of that journey with both.

Although there was a bit of cloudy sadness as I dropped each off at the airport, memories of our little adventures keep my emotions sunny.  And I already have tentative plans to see each of them again before the end of the year.  That’s a pretty good forecast.