Sunday Morning

Hot, humid, with an occasional cool breeze.  Eighty, sunny, blue sky, sipping hot coffee on a bench outside, people watching in the ‘town square’.  Couples and singles walking dogs and pushing strollers with babies, one was pushing a stroller with a dog inside.

Note to self: Sunday morning before 9am would be a great time to ride my bike … little traffic, few people.  My balance sucks but I love riding bikes so I must fix this balance problem.
The neighborhood tiki bar featured a blues band on Friday.  Stayed for most of their performance.  More music and people Saturday as I watched the Nationals eek past the Padres then stayed for a post-game show starring country band Thompson Square.  Met them before their show then joined some friends in the band’s box for the rest of the game and the show.  Free beer and catering.  Is this how the rich live?  Many attractive young women at this party.  Mmmm.

Meeting a female friend for drinks and food at a waterfront place this afternoon, then maybe another place with a band.  Women, music and the great outdoors … I could get used to this.  Ego loves it.  None of these encounters with females are ‘dates’ but it’s the next best thing … socializing with nice looking women.
Love Sunday mornings!  Sunday is my recharge day.