10 desires

The top boss in the local division of my company could be a motivational speaker if he wanted to.  He has a weekly meeting in which he generates enthusiasm by challenging us to get out of our comfort zone and achieve success through the use of some proven self-help strategies.  At least that’s the short version of my take on the meetings.  I respond well to that approach, by the way, so I enjoy the meetings.

One of his recent requests was for us to write down our ‘ten desires’, ten things we want in life.  He didn’t say if they had to be related to work or not.  Then we were to choose the top five and then email him the top three from that final round.

In some ways my list reads a bit like my recent bucket list post with a slightly different twist.  These are not necessarily off-the-wall endeavors to complete before dying, these are more like desires in our lives that we could accomplish now or soon but for some reason we hold back; we stay in our comfort zone.

So here is my list, not necessarily in order:

1) Write and publish a book
2) Learn Italian
3) Learn to play guitar (with some proficiency)
4) Produce and host a national radio show
5) Interview a US President
6) Double my income
7) Get a college degree
8) Return to owning rather than renting
9) Visit Italy
10) Revisit the Grand Canyon

These are all items that are all possible for me but have been just out of reach.  Making a list like and then thinking about each desire is a good exercise if each element is viewed with the idea that can be done if I get out of whatever comfort zone of inaction is holding me back.

What about you?  What are your desires?  What is holding you back from realizing them?  Interesting thought process, isn’t it?