Random Romantic Musing

Walking along the western shore of a barrier island, toes in the sand, holding hands, a man and a woman toast the sunset then quietly contemplate the horizon as it turns red, gold, brown, blue, yellow and magenta.  Standing on the eastern beach the next morning, toes in the sand, holding hands and coffee cups, they quietly contemplate the rising sun as it paints a new picture of a day full of promise.

Who is she?  Who is he?  Are they real?  Is she already in his life or in some fantasy future?  Does he know how lucky he is to have her?  Does she know how lucky she is to have him?  Are past heartaches, heartbreaks and drama what made these present moments possible?  Is lingering fear a barrier to future moments like these?

The idealistic fantasy each has of an ideal mate blocks the possibility that what they each really want or need is already right in front of them.