Freaked Out and Pissed

I love technology.  Let me update that … I used to love technology until today.  I got an odd text message with a code verifying my request for a name change on my account.  It said if I didn’t make this request I should call customer service.  Hell no, I did NOT make that request and I did call.   

During the hour-long conversation with two different customer services reps and their fraud department I learned that someone tried to change the name on my account and upgrade the service.  They used the automated system and had the proper verification information.  They might have succeeded if I hadn’t called customer service when I did.  Customer service changed the information back to the original info and put an alert on my account.

How the hell did someone get my verification information?  Nothing is missing, that I know of.  I checked my bank twice and nothing has happened there … yet.  I carry very little personal information in my wallet and I rarely give out detailed information like SS numbers, PIN numbers, etc.   While I was on the phone with my cell phone carrier I also checked to make sure my home computer wi-fi was not on … I actually still have wired internet, partly because I have been procrastinating when it comes to buying a wireless router and partly because I am afraid of exactly what happened today.  Of course it is possible my phone’s wi-fi is partly the problem but how did someone get my verification info?

I am pretty freaked out by this.  And pissed off.  I feel sorry for the person who did this in the unlikely event I ever find out who it was.  Most people have never seen the side of me that would kick in if I knew who did this.

This phone is looking kind of attractive to me right now …