People Watching on a Saturday Night

Hanging out at my neighborhood wine cafe.  Random observations:

Got the last seat at the bar when I walked in.

Walked past a costumed character. Halloween is a little early this year?

Sat next to two very nice looking women, both married showing each other kid pictures.

A friend texted and said I should be talking with people. I didn't know anyone here except the bartender and the server.

The only other women at this bar at that time were, well, a bit 'large'. There, I said it, I'm biased against large women. Probably a bad thing on my part but it is what it is. I don't mean a little overweight, which is fine with me; I mean very large. Not for me.

Bar cleared out completely 45 minutes later. Twenty minutes later it started to fill again.

Listening to the couple next to me talking. Ok, sometimes I am a stalker. I think this is one of their first dates. Very interesting to watch their interaction. And listen in. He is muscular, drinking a craft beer. She is drinking a red wine suggested by the bartender, who is a very knowledgable wine expert. She is totally engaged in his stories but has some of her own too. A Hulk costume came up in their chat, and she pointed out that he wouldn't need a costume, just some green paint. Think he'll get lucky tonight?  And now they're talking about strip clubs and his former job as a bouncer.

Listening to all this dating 'small talk' makes me wonder if I'll ever get back into that lifestyle. Mixed feelings about that.

Unique women appeal to me. Sometimes that is not a good thing because some unique women are high on the disfunction scale. The server here probably fits that profile. If she is smart she will deflect any real attempt I might make to get to know her better.

Talking about pumpkin ale now. Interesting. I like pumpkin but haven't tried pumpkin beer yet. Might have my annual pumpkin latte tomorrow.

Couple on the other side of me is comparing iPod songs. Cool.

Going home now. Interesting night. Lyrics to a song I heard when I was a kid are floating through my head ... "Another Saturday night and I ain't got nobody". Doesn't matter that much. I have me and that's what really counts. The 'somebody' I wish I had tonight isn't available to me ... her choice ... but the friendship we have is solid and that's what counts.

Cheers, everybody!