Happy Thanksgiving Day

Random things I am thankful for today:

My health is good and my job is fun.

Perfect blue skies here today.  Cold but comfortable.

AML, my awesome sister.  She lives a thousand miles away from me but I will see her soon.

My friend LS in NC.  I don’t think I could be where I am today if I didn’t have her friendship and support for the past four years.

My friend PC in Louisiana.  I’ve known her most of my life and her friendship and support were also invaluable.

My friend LV in Wisconsin.  We’ve been friends for thirty years.  We don’t agree on politics or religion but we do agree on being supportive friends for each other no matter what.  And I am always happy for her that in her forties she finally found the man she had been looking for her whole life.

I’m thankful for my spontaneous decision in the middle of the grocery store last weekend … to buy a turkey for myself.  It is cooking right now.  Hope I do it right.

My new friend JH who invited me over for a Thanksgiving breakfast this morning.  Bloody Mary’s at 10 in the morning on t-day … that’s a new one in my story-telling repertoire.

Surprisingly I am thankful for at least part of the time I had with my ex.  The good part that I will remember long after the bitterness fades away is that she helped me learn to love dogs and nature.

And honestly, I have to high-five myself today.  I have always believed in the power of visualization.  Picture something you want and there is a good chance you will get it or something like it.  A few years ago I stopped wallowing in the crappy life I had and pictured the life I wanted to have, the life that is truly me.  A year ago I made the big leap and now I am living that life!  That is something I am very thankful for.

Enough about me, how is your day?  Year?  Life?

Happy Thanksgiving!