Some Random Notes

Nothing profound churning in my brain this week, so here are a few random notes about my last week or two:

I went to a black tie event last week, a fundraiser for the local chapter of the National Kidney Foundation.  First time I wore a tuxedo in fifteen years; and I also wore a mask for a little while because it was a ‘masquerade’ theme.  I went alone, sat at a table of total strangers, had great conversations, bid on four silent auction items and was the high bidder for three.  All for a great cause.

Speaking of dressed up, I wore a suit to work today.  I never really have to do that.  Jeans are the norm where I work, but I do like to dress up.  The reason this time is that I was asked to give a short speech at the board meeting for another non-profit organization I regularly promote in my radio shows. Quite the honor to meet the people who make that organization possible.  Click on the words Drunk Driving on the right side of my blog for more info about them.

I’m wearing sweat pants and a House of Blues t-shirt now.  Thought I’d mention that while we’re talking about clothes.

My social life has taken a nice turn for the better lately.  More about that later.  Or not.  Let’s just say a certain amount of normalcy has returned to my life.

I’m taking myself out on a date next week to see A Christmas Carol at Ford’s Theatre in DC.  I probably mentioned this in an earlier blog post.  I love that play. The message I get from it: don’t let life get in the way of living and don’t get so stuck in one pursuit that you forget who you are and the impact you can have on other people.  I saw it at Ford’s the first year I lived around here and have wanted to see it there again since then.  Finally doing it.

Guitar lessons are coming along nicely.  I’m learning structure and patterns relating to improvising blues songs.

The personal trainer thing is working out nicely too although the results are sometimes hard to measure.  I’m down two belt notches, which means I’m almost down a whole pants size.  New clothes are in my future.  My balance and breathing are improving and so is my posture; all of those are goals.  I’m not buff yet.  That isn’t actually a goal but I’ll be happy if it happens.  Aging sucks and I plan to put it off as long as I can.

I need to get more sleep than I normally do.  And with that in mind, I’ll post this and turn out the lights.  Thanks for visiting.  Goodnight.