The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Just a few Twitter-length random thoughts swimming in my head tonight:

My job is a combination of three distinct-but-related jobs, but my title should really be Director of Fixing Other People’s Mistakes.  I spent at least an hour of my workday today revising commercials that could have easily been done correctly the first time by those who wrote the original scripts.

I need to sleep more.  Until about a year ago I laughed at the thought that we need eight or more hours of sleep a night.  Seven is fine, even less is fine.  I thought.  But not really.  I need eight.  I rarely get eight.

Are you old enough to know that the title of this blog post is the name of a movie?  Do you know who the star is?

Without activating my ego too much, let me point out that sometimes I can predict the future.  I knew that a certain upcoming local fund-raiser concert originally starring a couple of well-known singers was going to have trouble.  Wrong location for the target ticket-buyer, not quite enough star power for the particular night and a much too expensive ticket price.  Yes, it’s raising money for a very worthy cause and yes, people would spend that kind of money for that particular organization.  But you need bigger stars and a different venue.  Nobody asked me and I didn’t say anything because people far smarter than me seemed OK with it.  Today I got word that the event is cancelled.  No official reason, but you can probably guess it.

I decided to shorten my upcoming road trip.  I'll do the part I cancelled sometime in the spring.  Just wasn’t up to that long of a drive this winter and my car needs a little work anyway.

I am soooo ready to do the part of the trip I didn’t cancel.  And I’m pretty excited about some plans I have here when I get back. 

At this time last year I was packing boxes and preparing for a move, figuratively and literally.  I changed address, moved into a place on my own and began a new chapter in my life. This year is ending even better than it started.  Ahhhh, the power of visualization. 

And this blog post is ending now so I can get to bed and get eight hours of sleep.  Maybe.