Time? What’s That? And Other Random Meanderings

I am so freakin’ busy that my head hurts just thinking about it.  However, I am also occasionally lazy and often a procrastinator.  I am also very organized, in thought, but not always organized in action.   
These disparate personality characteristics converged into a perfect storm Tuesday afternoon, resulting in my missing a huge deadline on a very important work project.  I got one complicated project completed only to be asked when the other numerous associated projects would be completed.  What other projects?  Aren’t those due Thursday?  No, said the December 16th memo forwarded to me in response.  It’s all due Tuesday, plus one more thing that was not in that memo.

So I freaked out, temporarily, took a few hundred deep breaths and a walk around the perimeter of my office, and began to figure out my damage control plan.  Very long story very short, I stayed at work another 3 hours to finish the most immediate part and completed the rest on Wednesday.  I began to regain consciousness and confidence today.

Ambiguous enough for you?  I can’t really provide additional details, but maybe you get the idea.

On to other things:

This weekend will be over-scheduled but incredibly fun!  Wine tasting and dancing, guitar lesson, a health expo, dinner with new friends, a walk/run workout, a birthday party and more.  Nearly all of it with an awesome new female friend.

The low temperature where I live was 1 degree Fahrenheit Monday night into Tuesday morning.  It’ll be 60 this Saturday.  You heard about that Polar Vortex the weather forecasters were talking about?  It should be called a Bi-Polar Vortex.

My apartment is a mess.  Why?  See above explanation about procrastination and lazy.

And I just sent my sister her Christmas present.  It’s January 9th.  See above again.

Have you written 2013 when you meant to write 2014?  Habit from last year that continues into this year.  And when you do write 2014, do you think for a second that you made a mistake?  It can’t really be 2014 already, can it?

That’s enough randomness for now.  More later.  Thanks for visiting.