A Nearly Forgotten Passion

Do you ever stumble on an example of something you love, something you consider a passion, and realize you haven’t engaged in that activity in a long time?

I took my first photograph before I was ten years old and I have owned cameras ever since.  At various times I have been paid for photos, which means that on some level I am a professional photographer.  I love shooting pictures and consider it a passion.  I have often considered attempting to make a living at photography but I know that I would not be as successful at that as I am at what I actually do for a living.

While checking this blog for a moment this morning, I decided to check my photo blog too.  I stumbled on a hundred or more photos I posted and realized two things: I am a pretty good photographer and I have not posted a picture in two years.  As I contemplated that, I realized that I haven’t had my previous Nikon in my hands in months, other than to move it from one room to another while cleaning my apartment.  I’ve taken many pictures with my iPhone, but that is just not the same.  A phone camera is functional and the latest models are pretty good, but they are nothing like my Nikon or similar pro and near-pro SLR cameras.

Where did the time go?  Why don’t I have time to walk around and photograph something?  I started two new photo blogs during the past year but have mostly abandoned them.  And most of the pictures were taken with the afore-mentioned iPhone.

This would be a good week to restart that passion.  Meanwhile, here are a couple of photos from the past few years.