One Effing Awesome Trip

Awesome, incredible, memorable, fun, exciting.  I’m struggling to find the right words to describe my five days in New Orleans.

A friend and I went there a couple of weeks ago for the first weekend of Jazzfest.  I grew up in New Orleans and I’ve been to Jazzfest a few times, but this was the single best visit to both ever.  I love showing off the city and my friend loved it; she had never been there before.  We had a great time experiencing two days of the festival plus several days of visiting with my family and friends and just hanging out in the most unique city in America.

She now knows first-hand why I love music in the streets, being around water and eating meals that contain rice.  And she loves it when I speak French, even though this is the only French I know:

Translation:  let the good times roll!


elizinashe said…
really? 'a friend'? geeze... haha..
Linda V. said…
I'm with Liz, "a friend"? You called her your girlfriend in your post from 2 MONTHS ago!!! Sheesh! I'm glad you had a great time, and I'm glad you have a "friend". LOL!
You look very happy, it suits you both well.
elizinashe said…
see....I'm not the only one who taunts you with the 'friend' comment. hee-hee....glad you have found a match!