NYC stuff

Random observations during a recent visit to the Big Apple:

I'm sitting on a park bench on Broadway with a panoramic view that includes the important stuff:  my hotel, a Starbucks and the building where my meetings are being held tomorrow.

Shirtless guy on a skate board walking/rolling along the sidewalk, engaged in a nice conversation with a well-dressed female walking along with him.

Guy in a suit talking loudly on a cell phone about computer stuff.

A guy sitting on a bench in Columbus Circle, singing, screaming and slapping his arm.

Jazz at Lincoln Center is an awesome experience.  Winton Marsalis doing Duke Ellington.  Pre-show lecture was worth the time.

Vehicles driving past: 3 silver Town Cars, an Escalade, a minivan, a small blue Toyota, a Mini Cooper, 5 bicycles, 15 taxis and a Harley.

Walked last some famous places: Late Show theatre, Copacabana, Sardi's restaurant, Schubert Theatre.

Trying to walk like a New Yorker: fast, determined, ignoring Walk/Don't Walk lights. Fine strategy Friday, impossible Saturday. Too many tourists.