Picture Them and They Will Come

Visualization is one of my favorite goal-setting tools. Picturing what you want in life seems less formal than making a list of goals. I believed in the power of visualizing a long time before I actually knew how to articulate this practice.

Early in my life I imagined myself as a radio DJ and eventually became one. I saw myself married and moving to many different cities; I have done both several times.

When I decided a few years ago to return to single life, I conjured up mental images of a modest courtyard apartment in a walkable neighborhood not far from work. I saw myself sitting in the audience at concerts, plays and movies. I imagined being a regular at a friendly wine bar with outdoor seating, sharing stories and laughter with staff and other regulars. I visualized having at least one wonderful woman to share some of this with. I now have everything I saw in my mental movie.

Visualizing sets the goal and helps your brain figure out what action to take to reach the goal. If you want something, picture it. You might just get it.