Random Sh*t

I'm going to use the word 'shit' several times in this post, so if that bothers you please skip this post.

English is the common language of the USA. American English, which is almost the same as British English, Irish English or Australian English. Each of those English-speaking nations has unique elements if vocabulary but some adjectives vary. Example: an elevator in the United States is a lift in the UK.

Slang differs quite a bit, however.

Take the word 'shit', for example.  You know it actually refers to bodily excrement.  But using shit in a sentence doesn’t always have anything to do with poop.  Here are some random examples:

Oh shit.  Used to exclaim.  “Oh shit, I locked myself out of my house.”
Are you shitting me?  A question of disbelief.  “He won a million dollars?!  Are you shitting me?!”
I know some shit.  A sarcastic or ironic ego-centric remark proclaiming one’s intelligence. 
He's the shit.  A complimentary declaration of reverence.  I heard a young country music singer use this phrase on stage recently.  “That song was originally done by Conway Twitty.  If you don’t know who he is … let me just say he’s the shit!”
That's a shitload of work.  Refers to a large quantity of work.  “Five more reports due by the end of the week?  Man, that’s a shitload of work.”

No wonder English is so hard to learn, even by people who have spoken it all their lives.

Holy shit, it’s almost midnight.  I have to get some sleep.  If I don't, I'm going to be tired as shit tomorrow. Thanks for visiting.