Updates and Such

I started using a personal fitness trainer almost a year ago. I am not in any way a body builder or athlete but I am in better shape and I lost a little weight. I don't think about it much except when I wear older, larger clothes. This week TWO different people I haven't seen in awhile said things like 'wow, you're half the size you were last time I saw you' (an exaggeration) and 'have you lost weight?' (Closer to reality). I've lost about 10-15 pounds, one pants size and my shape is slightly more athletic looking. Slightly. The compliments did feel good though.

Cars are more reliable than ever and last a long time.  My current ride is almost ten years old, has 158,000 on it and is in pretty good shape.  That doesn’t matter, though, because I want something newer.  NewER, not new.  The luxury SUV I want is 4 years old.  But even that ride is too expensive for me right now.  So I thought about just leasing a brand new not-so-luxury SUV.  Not much money up front and the payments are low.  Meanwhile, in advance of an upcoming road trip to North Carolina, I drove my current ride to my trustworthy auto mechanic.  Blue Book value of this car is $4500, my repair bill today was $1600 … I think I’ll keep my current vehicle for awhile.

Fall used to be my favorite season.  For several years it fell off my fave list.  Now it’s back at the top.  Fall is a season that begins renewal in many parts of nature and life.  I dig the colors too.  Hope to see plenty of that during the afore-mentioned trip to NC.

That’s all the randomness for the tonight.  Thanks for visiting.