My Process

For the last five or six years, I spent time between New Year's Day and my birthday, essentially the whole month of January, thinking through what I want for the coming year. I call it my 'process'. I also pick a 'keyword', one word or phrase that I use to remind myself of what I expect for the year.
I probably didn't pick one last January, but in retrospect the word 'fun' symbolized the year. Of course you were at the heart of that.

Past keywords include focus, renew and balance. I have since made balance my ongoing keyword. My process is already underway and on the ride to work this morning, some things fell into place in my head. One is my 2015 keyword: discipline.

During the next few weeks I will get more specific about what that means and how I can define it and measure my progress. But I know today that I need discipline to make the coming year what I want it to be.


Linda V. said…
Happy New Year, dear friend!!! Discipline is a great word. Mine is change, I will be changing residence, and I will be getting new knees. House is first, as I don't want to deal with packing & moving after undergoing major surgery. Nope, I did not expect this to happen to me, but seem degenerative arthritis runs in the family. Lots of other changes too. So,"change" is in the air, and it will require discipline to make it all work. Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!!!