My Cheers

Why I love my neighborhood hangout ... no two visits are alike. Sometimes we encounter friends, sometimes we know nobody. I met the other half of "we" there, so that's an extra bonus.

This evening I had a long conversation with someone I see there all the time but until tonight I didn't really know. It turns out he is an actor and we both know some people in common. During the same visit I had some beer-infused personal conversations with two female regulars about love, relationships, friendships and, uhhh, 'size'.

I've been a regular at this place for eighteen months; the 'real' regulars go back five to thirteen years. But I feel at home there. Sometimes I can observe, other times I can participate. That balance is perfect for me.

When I first moved to this neighborhood, I wanted to find a bar that had the vibe of the old Cheers TV show. This place is it.