One Eighteen and Other Random Musings

As I started to write this post, I noticed it is 1:18 pm on 1/18.  That is pretty random, isn't it?  I have many random thoughts and observations floating around in my brain; some end up in random places on this blog.  Here are a few more random things.

I usually write these posts in a Word doc, make adjustments and corrections, and then copy to the blog.  I have saved all of them with the idea that some will end up in a book.  By the way, this is post # 1153 on this blog.  I've written a few hundred more on other blogs.  Writing is both a passion and a hobby for me, although I sometimes think I'd like to make a living at it.  My practical side reminds me to keep my current day job.  Another random note:  I am writing this one directly onto blogger rather than in Word.  Trying to be spontaneous.

I am engaged in a friendly (and fiendly) competition with another blogger (who also is now one of my best friends) ... last year she wrote more posts than I did, which sort of started the counting.  So far this year I am ahead.  I look at this competition as an additional incentive to keep writing.  She is a good and thoughtful writer and our friendship began with each of us reading each other's blogs.  Cool, ey?

There are now three restaurant/bars within walking distance of my apartment that feature live music at least one night a week and a fourth that has music once a month.  No cover charge for any of them.  I love live music. 

Back to blogs for a second ... I have begun writing at least five blogs on my iPhone.  Hopefully I will complete each of them soon and post them.  Stay tuned.  All for today.  Thanks for visiting.