Shop Till You …

For the past several years I have done most of my clothes shopping online or at outlet malls.  My last few online wardrobe purchases have been less than satisfactory so I decided to visit an outlet mall recently.  The closest one is an hour from home, however, so I took a deep breath and drove ten minutes to the nearest traditional mall instead, for the first visit there in a year. 

Some random observations:
I forgot how much I dislike malls, even though I do like buying stuff.

Plaid remains popular, although I don’t really like plaid.  For me, plaid is a throwback to an earlier time in my life that I’d rather not visit.
When shopping, I often encounter decision stress.  This color or that?  This style or that?  And my size seems to be very popular, which means sale items in my size are picked over quickly, before I get there.

Really cool clothes are made for men in their 20s and 30s and look silly on me.
The good news about my shopping adventure is that I did find three shirts I like, all on sale, and a pair of shoes I like, not on sale.  There are still clothing items on my wish list, however, and I must go shopping again soon, while stuff is on sale.  I need a suit, a sport coat and another pair of shoes.  And a belt or two.  I weigh 15 pounds less now than I did two years ago and I need more new clothes.

Shop till you drop … to be continued.