Ahh, Depression, My Old Friend, Welcome Back

My depression is probably not the same as clinical depression.  I have some of the symptoms, I’m sure, but I am not in therapy (although it probably would help) and I’m not on any drugs.  My life is generally awesome, I am generally happier than I’ve been in years, yet there are days like today during which I feel depressed.  My idealistic view of the world collides with disappointing reality and I fall into an emotional slump.

I encounter this scenario a few times a year.  I hike through the valley for the better part of a day, then return to the mountain top.
Sometimes this feeling occurs as the sum of several small factors that on their own merits would not bother me, but when combined, lead to depression.  Unexplained health issues + unfair divorce-related issues + a cluttered apartment = today’s depression.

Simple, right?
The solution? I’m getting more medical tests this week that might lead to explanations.  I’m using my usual positive attitude to deal with the divorce situation, including emails to the ex.  I started to straighten out my apartment.  I feel better tonight than I did through most of the day.  A good night’s sleep will help too.

The clash between my idealism and my reality are regularly a source of depression for me.  I am an idealist, I believe things should be a certain, positive way.  Reality dictates that this will not always happen. 
Like I said, I’ll feel fine after a good night’s sleep.  Just wanted to write about this.  It helps me get through it.  Thanks for visiting.  Good night.