Hey Bernie, Where Have You Been?

Photography and writing are two of my passions, but as is the case with many creative endeavors, day-to-day life gets in the way.  I love writing for this blog and shooting pictures for my photo blog, even though only a few people read either, but I have a job, a traffic-infused commute, a divorce that drags on and a new medical condition, all conspiring to rob me of the time to write and shoot photographs.

My usual response when someone else whines about not having time to do things is, “keep trying.”  Every time you get knocked down, stand up.  I usually take my own advice on this matter so here I am, standing up, writing again, hopefully on a regular basis.
It’s also time to find my camera.  I did take 200 photos on a beach week trip.  Oh wait, that was in June.  More recently, I entered a neighborhood photo contest.  Three days before the deadline, after the tenth reminder from a neighborhood photographer friend, I walked around and shot some pictures.  As I began to choose my entries, I realized I had better shots from my first few months here, taken two years ago.  So one of my five entries was from that series and that is the one that got an Honorable Mention.  I need to shoot more. 

So plenty is going on in and around my life, inspiring many potential blog posts.  The random list: forgetting my cell phone before a weekend in New York, getting diagnosed with a medical condition usually associated with youth, taking a month off from guitar lessons while simultaneously acquiring a new guitar, winning a last-minute trip to Vegas.  And of course I have opinions:  Trump is a clown, what’s wrong with sensible gun control, extreme right wing politics is annoying and dangerous and so is extreme left wing politics, aging isn’t for the faint of heart, ‘here ya go’ is no substitute for ‘thank you’, be yourself no matter how weird you or others think you are.
With any luck at all (and with a lot of will power), this will be the first is a series of regular blogs.  Thanks for stopping by.


elizinashe said…
I'd like to see some pictures! Especially the ones you submitted to that contest.