Wow I Must Be Very Popular

Apparently I am very popular.  How do I know this?  Because I receive dozens of email a day on both of my personal email accounts.  It appears the volume of email has grown exponentially during the past two months, which must mean my popularity is growing.

Or maybe I get more email because it was Christmas shopping season.  Naw, that can’t be it.
Email is a blessing and a curse.  The speed and convenience of email communication is undeniable.  Letters take a day or more, email is instant.  That also means junk mail is instant.  Of course, I still get junk mail in my physical mailbox. 

Some people measure their personal popularity by the number of Facebook friends they have.  Some people don’t even know their Facebook friends but that high number makes them feel good.  And connected.  I have ‘only’ two or three hundred FB ‘friends’ but I know all of them on some level, either personally or professionally.  I’ve met most but some I know via email.
Does being popular even matter?  I’m thinking it is more important to have a network of friends and family that serve as a support system.  It doesn’t really matter how many are in that network, does it?  Who can you really count on when you need help?  Your Facebook friends?  Who among your friends can count on you when you need help and emotional support?

Being popular doesn’t really matter much to me.  But it is kind of cool to have 65 people ‘like’ a Facebook post.