Is That the Best We Have To Choose From

President of the United States is one of the most important and most thankless jobs on the planet.  The pay and benefits are good ($450,000 annual salary for life, free transportation everywhere, 24-hour security, a personal staff and a rent-free 54,000 square foot residence, just to name a few).  But the responsibility is frightening.  A President’s decisions and power affects hundreds of thousands of military personnel, millions of citizens and world history.

The job application is relatively easy and the minimum requirements mostly involve age and citizenship, but successfully candidates for the position spend millions of dollars to impress the ‘boss’ … we the people.  Whoever gets the job knows the exact start and end date, accepts that it will last four years initially and there is the possibility for a four-year renewal, after which they can never hold that job again.
Who’d want a job like that?

At this point, with about eleven months remaining before the hiring decision is made, at least a dozen applicants have announced their desire to get that job.  Many of them already make more per year than the job’s starting salary, so money is not their goal.  Power, fame, legacy, ego?  A desire to make our great country greater?
Are any of them qualified?

The leading Republican contender is a narcissistic, pathological liar, followed until recently by a delusional doctor.  The leading Democrat is someone many don’t trust, followed by someone who is probably too liberal to get elected. 
Is this the best these parties have to offer?  Most voters are moderates.  We might lean left or right, but most of us are somewhere in the middle.

Where is OUR candidate?