To Be Or Not To Be

I recently took one of those silly quizzes on Facebook.  The challenge they posed was that they could tell my highest level of education by my answers to 25 questions.  I do not believe those quizzes amount to much, other than to funnel targeted advertising to the participants.  That was certainly true for this one: every question was surrounded by ads for educational entities.

Of course I can’t resist the urge to take a quiz like that.  I seem to know a lot about a little. 
How did I do?

I scored a 71%.  Actually it should have been slightly higher because I accidentally clicked the wrong answer on one of them.  Most of the questions were easy for me, such as ‘in what year did WW1 end’?  There were 4 choices and only two of them were even close, although I did happen to know the answer is 1918.  Some of my other answers were totally good guesses.  And there were a few in which I had no clue.  In fact, I missed the very first one, which was about a Shakespeare character.
The commentary that goes with scoring 71% says they think I have a PhD and spent many years in Grad school.  I’m still laughing at that one.  I didn’t even finish college.  No graduate degree, no masters, no doctorate.

However I am very curious and I read a lot.  I know a lot about a little.  In some ways that serves me well and qualifies me as a fairly well educated man.  But I do wish I had finished college; it remains a bucket list item for me.