My Process Update

Six days into 2016 and I’m struggling with choosing my keyword for the year, but the leading contender is still discipline.  I have a lot on my plate, personally and professionally, and it will take discipline to accomplish what I want this year.  I don’t have specific goals just yet, but a few are competing for attention in my head.

My MS doc says I’m doing well and he’s happy that I’m following his instructions and suggestions.  It takes discipline to exercise every day, to remember to take my meds and vitamins and to limit red meat and processed foods.  I’ll pat myself on the back for doing well in those areas.

I had a nice chat with my guitar teacher two weeks ago.  I asked him what he does to stay motivated and he answered by asking me about my goals with the lessons.  The short answer: I don’t seek a career in music but I want to play blues for my own enjoyment.  That conversation helped us both focus and I have begun to work my way through a blues-specific lesson book.  It will take discipline to practice every day and I haven’t exactly hit that mark, but I did practice more in the past two weeks than during the previous month.  Yay me.

Photography is another passion I’d like to spend more time on but discipline won’t add hours to the day.  I guess I should at least take little steps on that one, like trying to take at least a few photographs every Saturday.  Maybe I should bring my Nikon to my wine hangout.

Work.  What can I say about work?  I love my job, although there is often way too much to do.  My New Year attitude is definitely still in play, however, and I’ve smiled through a couple of quantity challenges I already faces this week.  Three of my current projects have national reach, which is good for my ego.

Personal life?  OMG, I wish I could tell you all the happy details.  I celebrate the happy ones to balance the lingering unhappy ones.  Fortunately the happy ones are winning.

So that’s it for today.  Lunch break is over.  Happy Hump Day.