Scene Seen

Sunday, 8am, corner of Broadway and 54th in Manhattan. I'm sitting on a bench outside Starbucks, across the street from the famous Ed Sullivan Theatre, home of the Late Show with Steven Colbert.
It fairly quiet now, compared with the weekday craziness of midtown Manhattan. Sunny, cool. I'm people watching, trying to distinguish tourists from locals.

A very tall woman wearing a purple kimono, sandals and an Asian-inspired umbrella hat walks by. She stopped to check out a couple of items in a pile of trash at the corner, then continued walking. Oh wait, that was a guy.

Heard conversations in at least five languages in addition to English. Heard English with Irish and Jamaican accents.

All ages walk or run by. A 70-ish couple face timing with their children. Five 40-something guys taking a Starbucks break from their fitness walk. A 40-something jogger stopping to take a selfie in front of the Ed Sullivan Theatre. A disheveled man pushing two carts of what might be everything he owns. More runners: a tall thin 60-ish man, a perky 20-ish woman in perfectly coordinated pink and gray. A guy on crutches walking a pug. A couple: tourists or residents? Can't tell. I'm wearing khakis and tapping my iPhone, so I probably look like a tourist.

Two guys in black suits looking all important with their briefcases on wheels. College students - or maybe they study at Lincoln Center a few blocks from here.

Ok, coffee cup is empty. Time for me to pack and go to the train station.