Spending time outside in nature is calming and therapeutic. There is scientific backing for that assertion.

Of course we didn't need scientists to verify what our moms and dads already knew. Boomers, you know what I'm talking about. "Go outside and play."  Sunshine and fresh air all lead to physical activity. Playing outside was generally healthy for the body and recent scientific studies point out that the great outdoors is good for mental health too.

A random collection of reasons why green is better than screen:
Cognitive improvements, a  sense of wonder, deeper understanding of planet earth. Creative exploration. Psychological benefits for children related to unstructured play.   Learning. Burning off excess energy and increasing mental activity with activities like hiking, riding, fishing and gardening.

Being outdoors increases concentration. There are mental and physical positives related from fresh air. Vitamin D.

Here's one I like: Spending time outdoors helps us age gracefully, partly as a result of the exercise and partly because of social interaction and sharing hobbies. Stress reduction and lower heart rate also happen outdoors.  The scent of fresh pine can lower anxiety and reduce depression.

The point: life improves when you go outside.  So stop reading this and take a hike.